Artist's Statement


"Is it me dreaming to become a butterfly, or a butterfly dreaming to become me?"
~ Chuang Tsu 莊子 (389-286 BC)

Art is how I communicate with the universe. My work is a process of understanding the true nature of our existence. I am asking the question is our reality an illusion or our illusion a reality? My paintings aspire to enter into a free-flowing dialogue between the seen and the unseen, the known and the unknown, the real and the surreal. The ambiguity of dreamlike alien landscapes and figures in my paintings suggest the connection between our inner realm and the greater cosmos. I ask the viewer to go outside their limitations and explore new perspectives that will lead them like Alice to follow the white rabbit down the hole.

Reaching beyond duality is a constant theme in my artwork. The subjects are fragile yet fierce, still but wild, peaceful yet violent, dream-like but real, private and open, sensual and spiritual, dark yet pure. There is no time or space, no separation, no better or worse. My intention is to bring to the world the awareness of “Oneness” and the realization of the underlying unity of all things, and to integrate oppositions and diversity into a harmonious whole. In the end, we will see nothing but ourselves existing everywhere, in each and every being, in each and every particle of the universe.